“..it has been unheard of to have such overwhelmingly positive feedback on any training program..."
  John Hunter
Personnel Director
Acme Brick Company
"The Maximum Performance ecourse for management is a must for companies who are trying to grow their business.."
  Ernest M. Curtis
Texas Envelope Company
"The one things that separates this training program from ALL others is the follow-up and accountability.."
  Nancy Henger
Vice President
USFI Marketing Communication
Training programs and consulting projects customized to the specific individual needs of each client.

The goal setting process is thoroughly integrated into all that we do.

Spaced repetition - We believe the key to long term behavioral and performance enhancement is systematic repeated exposure to new information.

Multiple means of exposure - The learning process is maximized through various methods of exposure. We use group meetings, one-on-one consultation, audio material, and written text to support the learning process and maximize retention.

We offer flexibility in forming and structuring a customized training plan with pricing options best suited to our client's specific needs.