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Years ago I remember the overwhelming sense of destiny as I began to prepare my very first leadership lessons. It was on that day that I came to the overwhelming realization that I had inadvertently stumbled upon my life’s purpose, the very thing I had been created to do.

Later, in 1998 we started our business based upon a simple philosophy, namely that all human beings have a wealth of untapped potential. We believed within the heart of every individual there was a desire to be great. And if people were provided the right combination of encouragement, motivation, discipline, and accountability, they could achieve extraordinary levels of professional and personal success.

In the beginning Christina and I were just two people with a big vision, but today, we have grown into a team of committed individuals working together to steadily and progressively realize the original vision of helping people achieve greatness.

We have weathered the same kinds of economic storms that many start-up business experience. Always refusing to give up because of an immovable belief that what we were doing was right, and that we were doing exactly what we were created to do. Today our company stands as a testimony of what can be built through a passion for people, dogged determination, a refusal to quit, a commitment to personal and professional growth, and most importantly the grace and favor of God.

We hope to be given the opportunity to earn your trust, your business, and to ultimately inspire you and your organization to be all that you can possibly be. It is our sincere desire to add value to you, your organization, and your future destiny by bringing a healthy balance of strategic and tactical perspectives through innovative training methods and materials. We are grateful and honored to be considered as a possible resource to build, strengthen, and equip your organization for greatness.

Bobby Weber
Founder and President
Maximum Performance International

Our Mission Statement
Excellent professional training, consulting, and related resources leading to immediate and long term changes in individual and group performance.

Significant cost justification by measuring tangible return on training investment.

Accountability, structure, and innovative tools to maximize effective retention and implementation.

Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the Number 1 training and development resource for organizations who want to maximize their performance potential.