“..it has been unheard of to have such overwhelmingly positive feedback on any training program..."
  John Hunter
Personnel Director
Acme Brick Company
"The Maximum Performance ecourse for management is a must for companies who are trying to grow their business.."
  Ernest M. Curtis
Texas Envelope Company
"The one things that separates this training program from ALL others is the follow-up and accountability.."
  Nancy Henger
Vice President
USFI Marketing Communication
  "One of the key goals of the Maximum Management Performance program is to train managers in areas of planning, organizing, delegating, communicating, and controlling. From the Technical department’s perspective, it’s working! The use of these MMP systems across the ranks, are benefiting our company a great deal. I know we will reap the rewards over time for the improved management and productivity it brings. Thank you for bringing these methods and disciplines to Acme Brick!"  
  Garth Tayler
Technical Director
Acme Brick Company
"Bobby Weber’s Maximum Management Performance program has had an immeasurable impact on our business. The results, both professionally and personally have been priceless. In fact, we are so excited about the positive changes that we have experienced that we have initiated a long-term ongoing business relationship with Bobby Weber and MPI."
  Matthew Vere and Ray Smith
President / CEO and V. P. of Operations
Authentic Barr Printing
"This course has been thought provoking and very interesting. I have begun to share the ideas and concepts from this training with my staff and others managers within our company. We have already realized some immediate goals and are better able to focus on long term goals and results."
  Brian Harris
Service Manager
Sunbelt Industrial Trucks
"I really appreciate being enrolled in the Maximum Performance courses. There is no doubt in my mind, I would not be where I am to day without these lessons."
  Terry Bailey
Branch Manager
Continental Equipment Company
"Maximum Performance Sales Strategies transformed our entire team's behavior and beliefs that made every individual accountable for our team's goals. There is no better guide on how to leverage your Sales Team's talents and make a quantum leap in performance. MPI's pragmatic and practicle approach to Sales Strategies will make a real lasting difference in any professional sales orginization."

Donald J. Dell
Director of Sales
Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC,
A Halliburton Company

"MPI has had a positive impact on our company-from Sales Strategies to Personal Developmen-ranging from large group seminars to smaller departmental meetings to one-on-one sessions. Sessions have included upper management, mid-management, administrative, inside sales, outside sales and technicians. I would recommend the services of MPI to any compnay that is truely interested in having the image and performance of their company from the CEO on down."
  Dennis Goodman
Director of Operations
Vermeer Texas-Louisiana
"The Maximum Performance training program has been ideally suited and very beneficial to my stall members. I highly recommedn this training. We are very pleased with the immediate results we are seeing."
  Duffy Terry
Director of Sales
Hilton Hotels
"After having tried several management training programs over the years, I finnally found on that met and even exceeded my expectations. Maximum performance International tailors their training to your business and your employees so it is immediately transferable from the classroom to the factory or the office floor."
  Ray Gameson
Vice President of Human Resources
Cantex, Inc.
A Sumitomo Company