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Multiple means of exposure - The learning process is maximized through various methods of exposure. We use group meetings, one-on-one consultation, audio material, and written text to support the learning process and maximize retention.

We offer flexibility in forming and structuring a customized training plan with pricing options best suited to our client's specific needs.

Personal Performance
A six-lesson program which helps participants develop skills in Goal Setting, Time Management, Prioritization, Multi-tasking, Communication, and Making Decisions

Maximum Management Performance
A comprehensive twelve-lesson management program which helps managers develop crucial management skills and character traits such as Being an Example, Developing People, Creating Excellence in the Work Environment, Communication, Team Work, Human Resource Management, and Leading People through Change

Maximum Supervisory Performance
A comprehensive nine-lesson supervisory program which helps front line supervisors develop skills in giving supervision and leadership to frontline employees. Participants learn to lead by Example, Grow People, Maintain Quality Standards, Communicate, Team Work, and How to Promote Change

Maximum Team Performance
This Program helps strengthen team work and cooperation among workers. Participants learn how to create a team vision statement, more effectively set and achieve team goals, communicate effectively, and maximize overall team performance.

Maximum Sales Performance
This eight-week sales training program helps sales professionals develop the key skills and competencies which help to ensure a successful sales career. Participants learn how to Manage Their Time, Set and Achieve Sales Goals, Generate New Leads, Prospect for New Business, Build a Referral Base, Conduct Effective Sales Presentation.

Maximum Communication
This six-lesson training program gives busy business professionals the tools they need to communicate more effectively. Participants learn to properly interpret body language, understand various personality types, develop stronger written communications skills and create and sustain a positive climate of empathy and understanding.

Maximum Presentation & Group Facilitation
This five-lesson program gives participants to make effective presentations and correctly facilitate meetings. Participants learn to Add New Life to Presentations, Prepare an Outline, Capture a Group’s Attention, and Achieve Maximum Impact.