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Convenient, web-based assessments that cost-effectively solve the most common employee-related challenges

Founded in 1991 in Waco, Texas, Profiles International is represented today by over 100 employees and 750 independent partners in 69 countries. Profiles' assessment products are available in more than a dozen languages.
Profiles International's Vision is clear and simple: To create and maintain standards for the assessment industry. Profiles is accomplishing its goals by investing their growing resources in research and development of improved products, technology, and delivery systems. Profiles' consistent success is attributed to its focus on meeting the rapidly changing needs of business and government.

By seeking to understand and to identify the values, differences, and natural gifts of each individual, Profiles has contributed to the measurable growth and success of thousands of business and government clients. Perhaps even more significantly, Profiles has helped millions of individuals enjoy the satisfaction of career achievement as they reach higher levels of human potential.

Profiles Assessment Tools
Quite simply, the most powerful, easy-to-understand, and infinitely customizable business management tools ever created

A universal need exists for businesses to select and retain the best people. With multiple assessment products managers and supervisors have access to accurate data to make clear, informed decisions.

Profiles' advanced web-based technology allows instant access from anywhere in the world, when and where an applicant or employee has Internet access. Tracking, scheduling, and analysis of data produce instant reports that are positive, easily understood, and quickly communicated for maximum effectiveness.

While each assessment tool has a specific business application, they also combine as an effective system, providing benefits well beyond hiring for managing, coaching, cross-training, and succession planning.
If your business depends upon people, you can depend on Profiles International to help you hire, train, and retain the best